Your garage door tracks and rollers go hand in hand. One is useless without the other. So, when we take care of one of these two parts, we often like to check the other too. Rollers slide on tracks in order to open and close the door. The tracks must be free of dents and bent points, and the rollers must be in excellent condition so that you will avoid squeaky noises. With the help of our technicians from Garage Door Repair Pickering, ON, you can enjoy the good performance of your door without dealing with track and roller issues. And even if you do, one of our professionals will still offer timely track or roller repair.

We repair garage door rollers and tracks Garage Door Tracks Scarborough

The truth is that garage door rollers and tracks are made to last for a very long time. They are made of sturdy steel since they are part of a very heavy system. Besides good operation, these two parts make sure the door stays in place and is not blown away during strong winds or efforts to break-in the house. When there is a problem with either part, our technicians offer fast services in Pickering, Ontario. We serve most local customers on a same day basis whether they need garage door tracks repair or rollers lubrication.

Timely damaged track repairs

Bent garage door tracks can cause serious issues to the overall movement of the door. They might obstruct the movement of the rollers and cause the door to come off. You can depend on the services offered by our company. We fix bent and damaged tracks and make sure the misaligned ones find their initial position in a timely manner. If the tracks are not aligned, the door will jam or bind. To avoid such issues, do call us when there is a track issue.

Seriously damaged tracks and rollers are replaced

We also replace both tracks and rollers. Despite their long lifespan, there comes a time when they become rusty or worn. We offer garage door tracks replacement and also supply you with the new tracks. Our technicians can easily help you find the right size thanks to their experience. As for your roller replacement needs, you can trust that we replace and install all types of rollers, including nylon ones, and lubricate the existing ones. Contact us for your needs related to rollers and garage door tracks in Pickering.

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