Assuming your house is located in Pickering, garage door safety release issues are quickly handled by trained technicians. The times you need service for the emergency release cord in your Pickering home in Ontario, don’t overthink it. Contact us.

At Garage Door Repair Pickering, we serve rapidly. Who wouldn’t want that if there was a safety release handle issue, right? There’s a reason why this system is known as an emergency garage door safety release mechanism. It will make a difference in whether you can or cannot open your garage door manually. By pulling down the cord, you actually release the opener and thus, can open the garage door manually. This becomes a necessity when there’s no power. Or, when you expect a storm that may bring a power outage. And for any other reason you want to lower and lift the garage door manually.

And so, imagine having a problem with the reverse mechanism and not being able to pull the cord to release the electric opener! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tech by your side in a heartbeat?

For your residential garage door safety release, Pickering service

Don’t panic. Pickering garage door safety release problems are swiftly addressed. All the same, you can contact us for routine inspection and maintenance too. This way, your release system will be inspected to be prepared to serve you when – and if – needed. And so, if you want to book routine opener inspection and have a tech thoroughly check the safety release mechanism, don’t worry about that. Contact our company to make an inquiry and book an appointment.

If you are already faced with a problem, try to keep calm and simply reach out. Emergency release cords and anything wrong with them are quickly fixed. The techs come prepared to check and repair. What could go wrong?

  •          Stuck safety release cord. The cord’s movement may be obstructed.
  •          Cable and spring problems. Cables often get in the way, especially if they are frayed. If the springs are broken, the garage door will be too heavy to be lifted anyway.
  •          Cord damage. The cord itself may be damaged. It may be worn or also broken.

Equipped well and fully trained, the techs fix problems and replace anything damaged and broken. They often have to lubricate or even replace the cord – if it’s damaged. You just contact our team. If you have noticed a problem and need to book service for the garage door safety release, Pickering techs are at your disposal. Reach out.