Garage door safety comes with the right selection of openers and their proper services. It all starts with their correct installation. After years of offering garage door opener installation in Pickering, Ontario, our technicians can be trusted for their experience and expertise. Since these units develop fast, we also get updated with innovative products available in Ontario and are trained to meet their demands. You can trust the team at our Garage Door Repair in Pickering to install, but also maintain and repair your opener to be certain of your family’s safety.Garage Door Opener Installation Pickering

The right installation of your garage door opener matters

The prime reason for electric garage door opener installation is enhanced security and comfort. What’s easier than pressing a button and having the overhead door opening automatically? And for such reasons, Liftmaster, Genie, Chamberlain and other titans in the opener manufacturing industry have invested in the best technologies and build openers with many extra features. What we do at our company in Pickering is try to see which one is the best choice for your garage door. Their main difference is their motor. And that’s the first thing we do before we carry on with garage door opener replacement. We help you find the ideal motor, but also the right drive for your convenience.

Whether you choose a chain drive Craftsman opener or a belt drive opener from Sears, it’s all the same to us. With respect to the special features of each model, our techs install garage door opener units with accuracy. We make sure the motor is well-connected and so is any other part of the opener. Higher attention is given to the reverse system, which is always tested, but also the release cord.

Both of these systems are also checked during routine services and our techs rush to help you when you deal with related problems. So you can’t only depend on our team for your Pickering garage door opener installation demands but also for your opener repair urgent needs. Call us for any opener service or concern.