When you are thinking of replacing your old aluminum garage doors in Pickering, Ontario, ask our help. It’s not always easy to choose a new door. There is a plethora of choices on the market of Pickering, Ontario, but which one will be right for your home? When you have questions about new m 3530777_1aterials, designs, colors, and types, come to us. At Garage Door Repair Pickering, we cover your needs by answering your questions, making recommendations, helping you with measurements, and installing the new door. Need to replace the opener too? Trust that we provide a complete and totally reliable garage door installation Pickering service.

We take care of you even before garage door installation

What’s important before buying a new door is to think of several factors, which will affect its performance. Do you want garage door windows? Is it vital to get a new opener? If there is already a door at your home, should you keep the existing parts or change them? When you have such questions, rely on our answers and assistance.

And then it’s the material of the door. Should you get wood or steel garage doors? Should they be insulated or not? There are options, choices, and styles to meet everyone’s demand. Whether you want a glass door mixed with aluminum elements or carriage style wood garage doors, our company can order the exact design, style, and brand you like. And along with the door, we also install its parts. This means that we install the right spring system for you, find the perfect track size, and order the ideal opener. With the assistance of our team, garage door replacement becomes much easier but also joyful.

What we are interested in is to ensure you get the door you dream of and get to use it for a long time without being concerned about your safety. And that’s possible when you work with our company and allow our staff to assist you. All technicians at our business are experts in the assembly of all door types and their fitting. So do trust our pros for a new garage door installation in Pickering. Contact us if you have questions.